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Gentle Goodbye

Eco-friendly Pet Afterlife Care

About us

Experienced in Pet Care

We have spent over a decade serving pets and their families here on the Central Coast. It has been a privilege to care and connect with animals and create lasting relationships.

Respectful and Personal

One of the greatest challenges we have in life is the loss of a pet and the grief that will follow. The grief is often overlooked by many and not understood by those who have not known the love an animal can bring. They are not just pets, they are members of our families. Losing a pet with whom we have shared so much is hard, and there are practical considerations that need to be handled with care.

We are a family business committed to helping you through the trying and sad moments of losing your pet.

Environmentally Responsible

It is important to us to provide a service that is environmentally responsible, honoring both our pets and our planet. CCPA uses a water-based system that is 100% green.

Gentle Goodbye


What is Aquamation?

Water Cremation, or aquamation, uses just 10% of the energy needed in a cremation. Cremations often use temperatures in excess of 1,000 ̊ C, and so they are major energy consumers.

There are no air emissions; 100% pollution free. In a cremation on the other hand, 200 kg of greenhouse gases are released each time. No ‘organic matter’ escapes from chimneys as occurs in some older cremators that scatters burnt ash into neighboring areas.

In many countries cremators must now be installed with mercury filters, costing up to $500,000. By contrast, in Water Cremation, by Aquamation, there are no mercury emissions at all.

In Water Cremation, no methane gas is produced. In a burial, this can seep out along with other toxic fluids and leak into groundwater. There is also no waste of timber or metals that is often of furniture quality.


Wooden Urn

Simple, clean lines highlight this urn made from Paulownia wood, the fastest-growing hardwood. Paulownia wood is very light, fine-grained, and warp-resistant. Because wood is a natural product, variations in color and grain are to be expected. Some species of wood have unique grain characteristics that may cause the final finish to look darker or lighter in some areas.

Biodegradable Earth-Urn

The Integrity biodegradable urns feature a unique assortment of sustainably crafted, handmade paper urns. They are the perfect greener alternative to plastic, tin, and wood minimum returns containers. The durable and attractive Earthurns are produced from the bark of the mulberry tree using an ancient technique that allows the bark of the tree to be harvested without harming the tree. The finished textured paper is sun dried before being used to create the urns.

Pet Cremation Tracking


  • Full visibility of your pet final journey
  • Real-time Tracking for every pet
  • Notifications. Email and SMS status updates
  • Mobile Apple/Android apps or web portal

Grief Support

Grief Support video library to help pet parents

Grief Support

Celebration Video

  • Create a Celebration Video of your beloved pet
  • Share the celebration video with friends and family on social media


Vet or Home Pickup

A service representative will pick up your pet at either your veterinarian’s office or your home and return the cremains back to the same destination.


Every pet is assigned a one-time use QR Code which attaches to the cremation bag and tracks your pet in real-time through the entire cremation process.

Private Cremation

We perform private aquamations. Only one pet is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process ensuring 100% accuracy.

Returned Package

We will return the cremains of your pet in a memory urn. The package will also include a cremation certificate, the QR Code assigned, a paw print if desired, a celebration video and any additional memory options selected.